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Katherine Farber


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The real estate market is hot and right now is a great time to list your home. Buyers are actively looking now that the summer is coming to the end and vacations are done. As the kids are getting back into school, parents are able to focus more on buying their next home. 

Here are some tips to help you out and make your home POP to potential buyers! 


🎆🎇Make Your Home POP!
Tired of buyers missing your home?
🔎Communicate with your agent and make sure they are marketing your home on social media, blogs, open houses, and ad campaigns. Getting a good online presence is the first step to getting buyers through the front door.
🔎Another trick to online marketing is making sure you are selling a lifestyle more so than just a house. Help the potential buyer envision themselves raising a family in the home or living in that particular community.
Wondering what you can do to get top dollar for your home?
🏡Always use professional photographs
🏡Trust you agent on fair market value and don’t list too high to start with
🏡Declutter and stage your home for the best impression to potential buyers
🏡Always keep your home in showing condition
Why is now the best time to get your real estate photos done, even if you are not ready to list until fall??
📸Right now is a great time to go ahead and get photos done for your home if you plan to sell in the fall. Your curb appeal will not be as inviting as it is right now with the vivid summer green grass, potted flower plants on the front porch and the amazing natural light coming into the home. Even if you have not decided on an agent just yet, go ahead and get the photos done now. Sometimes this cost is included with listing the property with an agent so if you do know who is going to be responsible for marketing your home, talk with them first prior to getting photos done.


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