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Brandon Farber

Adding agents and staff

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As your organization grows, you will find that you need to add new agents, administrative staff and other privileged users to your site. You can make changes to the users who have access to your site easily in the AdminCP area.

After logging in to your site, click your name at the top right corner and choose "AdminCP" from the menu. When the new window opens, log in using your same credentials to access the AdminCP area of the site. Navigate to Members -> Members and you will be able to manage the users on your site. To create a new agent, click "Create New Member". In the pop up you will supply the name, email address and password of the agent first. Be sure to use the name and/or email address that the agent uses in the local MLS boards that your SympleTrack installation integrates with in order for their listings to automatically import and associate with their account. You should set the agent's group to "Agent". If you are on the Broker-level plan, you can also set the agent's secondary group to the office that the agent primarily works out of in order to group the agent appropriately on the staff/team page. Be sure to leave the "Send confirmation email" option enabled and save, and the new agent will receive an email with instructions to login to the site.

You can also add administrative staff, vendors (such as mortgage lenders you work with) and other similar staff using the same method by simply changing the group or groups that the user belongs to. If the user you are adding holds multiple roles in your organization (i.e. if they are an agent, but also perform administrative staff duties), feel free to select one or more appropriate secondary groups as needed in order to adjust their overall privileges on the site.

Please see the attached video for a walk through.


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